Expert Root Barriers for Foundation Protection in Sugar Land, TX

Expert Root Barriers for Foundation Protection in Sugar Land, TX


Our root barrier systems  address the root cause of foundation problems  to ensure long-lasting foundation stability.

Did you know tree roots extend 3 times as far as the tree canopy? Our innovative root barrier installations provide peace of mind for residential and commercial buildings by addressing the root cause of foundation problems; your tree's root system. Imperial Pro provides installs industry-leading root shield systems to provide a fearless protective barrier that effectively prevents tree roots from causing damage to your home. 

Root Barrier Installation You Can Count On

Avoid Gimmicky Bio Barriers and Other Temporary Materials. Prevent Foundation Damage with Our Industry-Leading Root Barriers.

Tree roots pose a significant threat by targeting the moisture beneath the foundation, leading to significant foundation and plumbing damage over time. Imperial Pro provides effective root barriers, or root shields, to provide lasting protection for concrete slab foundations. Our seamless root barriers effectively prevent root intrusion and foundation damage, ensuring the stability and longevity of your residential or commercial building. Our team utilizes cutting-edge techniques and ultra-thick, high-density polyethylene materials made in the USA, designed for decades of in-ground, long-lasting root protection. We offer one of the thickest, seamless barriers in the industry. 


  • Cutting-Edge Materials: Elevate your root protection with barriers made from top-quality materials and substantial thickness for superior performance. Explore the best in root barrier design for various applications to eliminate vulnerabilities.
  • Depth & Stability: Enhance stability with our professional installation process, creating ample trench depth for optimal root establishment. Prioritize the safeguarding of your assets through our dedicated team's accurate placement.
  • Quality Commitment: Our commitment to quality shines through in the use of premium materials and advanced techniques, providing long-lasting protection against root-related issues. Boost your root barrier game with our expertise and dedication.

The Competition's Flimsy Temporary Material

Our High-Quality Permanent Material 


Imperial Pro Inspection specializes in premium root barrier installations designed to safeguard residential and commercial properties in Sugar Land, TX, and surrounding areas. Our dedicated team ensures meticulous attention to detail as we focus on creating a moisture barrier between the tree and the foundation by excavating a generous circular trench, all while prioritizing quality through our exclusive seamless tree root barrier. Unlike some root barrier contractors in Sugar Land who may compromise on trench depth or use subpar materials, we are committed to providing lasting protection for your foundation with our proven root barrier solutions.

What Do Root Barriers Protect?

At Imperial Pro, we prioritize safeguarding your major investment—your home. 

While root barriers can indeed protect flatwork like sidewalks and driveways, our primary focus lies in fortifying homes from potential damage caused by tree roots. Unlike flatwork, which is relatively less expensive to replace, home and foundation repairs can be substantial. Our expertise lies in installing root barriers strategically to prevent harm to your home's foundation and plumbing. Although we can provide additional root barriers upon request to protect other elements such as flatwork, our commitment remains centered on ensuring the longevity and structural integrity of your home, recognizing it as the primary asset worthy of robust protection.

✅ Slab Foundations

✅ Below Ground Plumbing 

✅ Swimming Pools

✅ Sidewalks

✅ Driveways

Cost of Root Barriers Near Me

The cost of root barrier installation depends on crucial factors, including the number and size of trees, soil type, soil moisture, rocky terrain, and the complexity of trenching. Tree count and proximity to the house also influence cost variations. Challenges may arise from obstacles around trees or the house. Importantly, trees planted too close to the foundation or predating the home are not suitable candidates for root barriers. While our Root Barrier pricing is highly competitive and typically at or below market value, it's worth noting that most competitors do not match our level of quality or scope of work.​

Root Barrier Installation Esimates*
*For Residents of Fort Bend County

The Foundation Confidence Package 🏠

Experience peace of mind and exceptional value with our Foundation Confidence Package. It begins with a thorough, unbiased foundation inspection – no sales pitch, just insights into your foundation's health and the science behind any issues. Plus, receive FREE estimates for tailored foundation solutions such as root barriers, foundation watering systems, gutters, and drainage. Bundle any two of these solutions, and we'll deduct the inspection price from your total.​

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Enough Warrantless Foundation Repair; Fearlessly Protect Your Property with Imperial Pro.

Prioritize our affordable, unbiased inspections, and soil moisture management solutions to safeguard your home, commercial property, and foundation. Unlike traditional foundation repair companies, we offer long-lasting solutions that address the root cause of foundation problems, without the sales pitch, focusing on real results, not just symptoms. Whether you're a property owner or buyer, choose Imperial Pro Inspection LLC as your trusted home and foundation inspection consultant to fearlessly protect your most significant investment - your home.​


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