Prioritizing Texans Over Profit

Prioritizing Texans Over Profit

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At Imperial Pro, we firmly believe in prioritizing our fellow Texans over profit. Our mission is centered around making a positive impact in people's lives and communities by providing affordable home inspections and long-term foundation solutions to our customers that do not compromise the structural integrity of their homes. We ensure that our actions and decisions are driven by the well-being and needs of our clients and the communities we serve, rather than solely focusing on short-term financial gains. We are committed to Texas-sized integrity, working tirelessly to ensure structural sustainability for generations to come.

Our Mission Statement

Imperial Pro's mission is to provide the highest-quality inspections in Texas, hands down. We excel at our mission because of our commitment to continuing education, technology, ethics, integrity and a professional responsibility to love and serve God and others. With the best interest of the home in mind, we inspect every home as if we're taking out the loan. We're an advocate for our state, our city, our culture, and the prosperity of our neighbors, old and new. Howdy!

Our Story

Why We Offer More

Our journey began in the realm of home inspections, engineering inspections, and foundation repair, driven by a desire to alleviate the financial burdens placed on homeowners by foundation problems. Recognizing the urgent need for public protection, we took a unique path. Rather than becoming a traditional foundation repair company, we set out to address the root causes of foundation issues, with a focus on soil mechanics and inspections. Through extensive research and collaboration, we've developed comprehensive solutions, making us the sole home inspection company in Houston, TX, to offer these vital foundation maintenance services. Join us as we boldly challenge the fear surrounding foundations, innovating to create a positive impact in homeowners' lives, ensuring long-lasting stability and peace of mind.​

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Dedicated to My Grandfather

In loving Memory of J.R. McKithern 

Imperial Pro Inspection is dedicated to my late grandfather, my pawpaw. He came from Louisiana with nothing and started a machine shop out of his garage that would eventually provide for the entire family. His business savvy was old fashioned, courageous and ethics centric. His business model was simple; he would never screw you over. Never one to mince words, he'd readily share his perspective, whether or not you were prepared to hear it, but it always stemmed from a place of genuine care and concern. In our family, he was the central figure, a living embodiment of our cultural values, and possessed a heart that resonated with a touch of the American cowboy spirit. His most fruitful business dealings often transpired with a Schlitz beer in hand. Just as his personality embodied a nostalgic piece of Americana, his piano playing style was a treasured relic of a bygone era. - Neil Arnold, Owner TREC#23450

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Enough Warrantless Foundation Repair; Fearlessly Protect Your Property with Imperial Pro.

Prioritize our affordable, unbiased inspections, and soil moisture management solutions to safeguard your home, commercial property, and foundation. Unlike traditional foundation repair companies, we offer long-lasting solutions that address the root cause of foundation problems, without the sales pitch, focusing on real results, not just symptoms. Whether you're a property owner or buyer, choose Imperial Pro Inspection LLC as your trusted home and foundation inspection consultant to fearlessly protect your most significant investment - your home.​

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