The Problem is that Most Foundation Repairs are Unwarranted and actually do more harm than good in the long run.

Here's The Problem

Most Foundation Repairs are Unwarranted

Foundation repair, as we know it, is rapidly becoming an unregulated racket that takes full advantage of public fear fueled by heightened competition. In Houston, expansive clay soils lead to significant foundation movement due to uneven moisture levels in the soil. Many homeowners are completely unaware of the causes of this movement, and unfortunately, most foundation repair companies exploit their fear of the unknown. They offer "free" inspections to create opportunities to take advantage of anxious homeowners with sales propaganda. Commission-based salesmen too often sell unnecessary and overpriced foundation repairs, leaving homeowners burdened with substantial debt for temporary fixes that can do more harm than good. Furthermore, underpinning the foundation may lead to plumbing damage and long-term structural problems. Some foundation repair "lifetime" warranties often prove to be gimmicks or dressed up service agreements, prioritizing closing deals over assisting homeowners. In light of these challenges, calling a traditional foundation repair company should be your last resort.

Our Position On Foundation Repair

It's All About the Soil, Not the Concrete.

Imperial Pro recognizes that not all foundation repair companies operate with ill intentions. Many genuinely strive to offer viable foundation solutions - we've worked with some of the best. However, within any trade, there are those who exploit fear to boost profits. Ideally, unbiased engineers should recommend foundation repairs, but sometimes this distinction becomes blurred. The conventional practice of "repairing" foundations by underpinning the slab might provide temporary relief, but it fails to address the core problem. Unless the entire home undergoes underpinning, recurring issues may persist.

When Is Foundation Repair Necessary?

True Foundation Repair is Soil Repair

We acknowledge that there are scenarios where foundation repair becomes a necessary step, particularly when soils have been neglected for an extended period and damage has reached a severe extent. In such cases, especially when a home is no longer functional, sellable,  safe or habitable, repairing the foundation might be the only option. However, we advocate for a comprehensive approach that also addresses soil health, as neglecting soil can lead to more significant issues even after repairs. The only true long-term repair involves fixing the soil that supports the foundation.

The Murky World of Foundation Repair

Navigating the Quicksand of Foundation Repair Expenses

Navigating the world of foundation repair costs can be a complex journey, with many factors coming into play. Different companies may propose varying repair plans based on their approach and methods. Some may opt for less extensive underpinning, offering a seemingly lower upfront cost. However, it's crucial to understand that these shortcuts can often lead to recurring issues, ultimately costing you more in the long run. The spacing of piles, repair techniques (such as precast solid piles, precast interlocking piles, or poured piers), and even labor costs (including subcontractors versus company employees) can all influence the price. Additionally, most foundation repair companies employ commission-only foundation repair salesmen who often create repair plans in the best interest of closing the sale, rather than in the best interest of the home.

About Foundation Repair Warranties

Foundation repair warranties further complicate the pricing landscape. 

It's essential to remember that foundation repair warranties only cover the work that was performed, not any additional work that may become necessary due to the expansive nature of soils. Partial foundation underpinning will inevitably lead to comprehensive underpinning over time; therefore, foundation repair warranty work is NEVER free. Some warranties are better than others; most are merely 'service agreements' disguised as warranties. Overall, warranties are often useless pieces of paper because the existing work rarely fails, however the existing work almost always creates new work down the line. While we can provide a ballpark estimate of what a typical repair plan might entail, prices can vary significantly. In fact, ten different foundation repair companies will provide ten vastly different quotes. It's not just about the initial cost but also the long-term value and peace of mind that come with a thorough, comprehensive foundation solution. At Imperial Pro, we're committed to providing transparent, effective, and lasting foundation maintenance solutions, ensuring you get the best value for your investment​

The Imperial Pro Advantage

Embrace the Truth of Your Foundation's Soil Mechanics for Long-Term Stability

💧Prevention Over Repair:  Unlike traditional foundation repair companies, we focus on preventing issues before they escalate, saving you thousands in costly repairs.

🌿Holistic Approach: We address the root causes of foundation problems, not just the symptoms. Our focus is on long-term stability and moisture management.

📚Education and Transparency: We believe in empowering homeowners with knowledge. We'll educate you on the importance of soil moisture and the role of trees in foundation health.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Customer-Centric: Your satisfaction is our priority. As a veteran-owned, family-focused company, we provide unbiased inspectors, personalized solutions, exclusive discounts, and priority scheduling to ensure your peace of mind.

💵 Cost-Effective Solutions: We provide the most cost-effective approach to safeguarding your foundation. Our unbiased, preventive measures can save you thousands compared to dealing with traditional commission-based foundation repair salesmen.

Foundation Repair Consultations​🎓

Foundation Repair Consultations for Homeowners,  Investors and Contractors.

Engage in personalized conversations designed to educate you on the best practices for foundation maintenance and timely repairs. Choosing us means opting for a partner dedicated to your home's longevity. With our team, you gain access to unmatched foundation care, designed to address and prevent issues with precision and foresight. Whether you're dealing with past repairs or just starting out, we're here to guide and support you every step of the way.  

Rule Your Foundation. Contact Us Today.

Enough Warrantless Foundation Repair; Rule Your Home with Imperial Pro.

Prioritize our affordable, unbiased inspections, and soil moisture management solutions to safeguard your home, commercial property, and foundation. Unlike traditional foundation repair companies, we offer long-lasting solutions that address the root cause of foundation problems, without the sales pitch, focusing on real results, not just symptoms. Whether you're a property owner or buyer, choose Imperial Pro Inspection LLC as your trusted home and foundation inspection consultant to fearlessly protect your most significant investment - your home.​


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