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Do New Construction Homes Need Foundation Inspections? | How to Keep Foundation Companies Away For Good

Do New Construction Homes Need Foundation Inspections? 

You've just stepped into the world of homeownership with a brand-new house. It gleams with modernity, and you might be tempted to think, "It's new; I don't need to worry about foundation issues, right?" But here's the truth: even new construction can't guarantee a flawless foundation because new construction can't  guarantee flawless soils.

Why New Homes Aren't Immune to Foundation Issues

Soil conditions are a non-discriminatory influencer when it comes to foundations in our clay-rich region. Our extreme local climate triggers foundation issues in newly constructed homes. In fact, the majority of foundation problems manifest early in a home's lifespan, not in its later years. This is precisely why most builders provide a 10-year structural warranty, as the majority of foundation issues surface within this initial decade. From our experience, we've noted that these issues can arise even sooner. The timing often hinges on a range of factors, including soil type, the presence of trees, drainage systems, roof design, construction quality, improper site preparation, historical geographic conditions, and other variables. 

Early Detection Means Early Inspections

It's crucial to grasp that modern homes are intentionally designed to be very rigid, allowing them to tilt more rather than flex and bend like older constructions. This design choice means that any movement remains hidden for a more extended period before becoming noticeable to homeowners. From the phase 1 pre-pour inspection to the phase 3 final inspection, it's imperative for new construction homes to undergo continuous foundation levelness assessments conducted by an impartial foundation inspection expert throughout the construction process. Moreover, these new construction homes should be subject to foundation inspections for their 11th-month builder warranty evaluation and annually before the expiration of the builder's 10-year warranty, especially if they lack foundation watering systems, root barriers, or proper gutter systems. A foundation inspection for a new home should be considered as crucial as a doctor's visit for a newborn baby. Early detection can translate into significant savings and lasting peace of mind on new construction homes.

Foundation Maintenance for New Homes is a Non-Negotiable

From comprehensive home  and foundation inspections to root barriers, foundation watering systems, and ongoing monitoring, foundation maintenance solutions are key to ensure the stability and longevity of your foundation, even more so for newly built homes. Here's some examples of important foundation maintenance needed for every new construction home. 

  • Foundation Watering Systems: Unlike lawn sprinkler systems, these systems maintain the foundation's soil stability, ensuring your foundation remains rock solid. Soaker hoses can only do so much
  • Root Barriers: Whether your home is old or new, our root barriers are a must for addressing the root cause of foundation problems. Root barriers are typically more afforable on new homes bcause the trees are still smaller in size and less manually labor is needed to cut/redirect the roots. 

  • Gutter Solutions:  Gutters emerge as silent heroes, preventing erosion, uneven moisture distribution, and potential foundation damage.

  • Drainage Solutions: Properly diverting water away from your property and addressing potential issues at their source is key to foundation maintenance. 

In summary, foundation inspections are just as important on new homes as they are on established homes. While the allure of a new home may suggest a flawless foundation, the reality is more nuanced. Foundation issues can affect homes of any age, including freshly built ones. The key to protecting your investment is proactive care. Don't wait for signs of trouble to surface. Instead, take the initiative by scheduling a foundation inspection for your new home. The peace of mind it offers is a valuable reward.

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